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We are the supplier and and main professional rapporteur of Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

We have had more than 100 professional presentation. We have held 50+ professional trainings and educated 3,000+ manager for online success.

We have shown up in TV Channel M1 and also in 7 different kinds of magazines. We are contracted partners of 6 main companies like ShopRenter, SalesAutopilot and Tárhely.eu.

Based on our tests, 97% of our customers say that they recommend us to their entrepreneur friends and acquaintances.

  • More than 320 satisfied customers.

  • Nearly 550 web pages.

  • Yearly PPC frame: 2.9 million EUR.

  • 150+ professional presentation.

  • Marketing to 7 countries.

  • 3 Webshop of the Year prize and 6 prize-winning webpages.

  • Cooperations based on commission and fixed+commission fees as we believe in ownership.

  • Our greatest success: 37,120 EUR from zero within 3 months.

  • The total income of our customers: nearly 29 million EUR / year.

  • We do not believe in handling a lot of customers, but less companies with close cooperation and achieve greater changes and success.

  • We have 32 tested projects, so we are not only marketing experts but we have an entrepreneur viewpoint.

  • 100% guarantee for sales: since June, 2015 we have had only financially productive projects.

  • 328 projects resulted that our customer’s company produced profit above our fees and the costs of the ads.

We took part in boosting the following projects:

The 1st Cheese Webshop of Hungary

The second largest clothes webshop

The biggest webshop selling electricity devices

The 1st webshop for drinkable Goji berry (we are the first as we sell 32 times more than the second one)

The 1st ketogenic diet coffee

The 1st brand for dietary supplement helping for bile’s working

The largest bracelet webshop of Hungary in 2017

The ring webshop working in the most countries of the world

The largest and oldest private detective agency of Hungary

The third largest webshop selling gym machines in the country

The largest webshop for utensils in the country

The greatest meat-trade enterprise in the West of Hungary

The first wireless motorbike phone charger startup of the country

The greatest festival of Kiskőrös

The two main suppliers of OMV, MOL, Elektrolux and Bosch

The most successful accountant agency of Kalocsa

The number one private networking program of Budapest

The 1st Hungarian language school for kids with 30 franchise partners

The most famous hotel in Eger

Win-win based pricing and cooperation.

We not only work as marketing experts, but as entrepreneurs as well. We work for profit, sellings, conversions, because we know this is essential!

We build webshops for productivity and sales promotion.

We deal with online sales and build online enterprises so that the owner can go on holiday, buy a new car and give higher salary for their co-workers. We choose the proper online marketing tools for this.

The reason of the 3-6 months testing period: our customers can test us and we can test them either. (After the testing period, we can determine the selling index of the product and estimate how much money they can make.) We do not want to make money from the testing period, but by long term cooperation for commission. We test our cooperation either. We do not focus on the marketing tools because we are not a Google Ads or Facebook agency but a complex one. Our goal is to make money for our customers so we do the sales and make income!

We have 300 books and 80 professional trainings behind us in online marketing. (We bring most of our knowledge from the US.)

We are 14 of us in the team and work since 2013 in 7 countries: Hungary, Austria, Germany, England, Slovakia, Romania and USA).